This Is Love…

141022 kimheenim: The dynamic image of YongYongie Yongjoon hyung grinding garlic. Seeing the hat in reality it’s a totally cool one but in the photo it looks like the hat of the leader of the two thiefs in ‘Home Alone’.. #Yongchulie (cr)

Hold ya. Just wanna hold ya

What to do after watching This is love MV?
  1. Watch it again lol watch it many times using different gadgets such phones, ipads, laptops.. (watch it only on SMTown official YT channel. report the re-uploaded videos) and while you are playing the mv on youtube, you can.. 
  2. Like the video and comment/chat with other ELF in the comment section
  3. Use the hashtags #Thisislove and #SuperJunior when you tweet. (yes.. use it even on non-related SJ tweets haha)
  4. Spread the news about the mv with the official link. so others will also know about mv and watch it. 
  5. Search: ‘Super Junior’ on Twitter as many as you can.
  6. Search: ‘This is love’ keyword on, repeatedly and massively.
  7. Go to Super Junior/Smtown official accounts (Twitter | FB | Weibo), like/comment/share their post about the mv

credit: target_sj


Kangin + the couch  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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